‘Why you must look for your next job in future-ready businesses with hi-tech solutions’?

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

Industry 4.0 with its primary drivers of digitization and integration of vertical and horizontal value chains, digitization of product and services, & digital business models and customer access and being broadly categorized into four major components of digital technologies – cyber-physical systems, Internet of things (IoT), on-demand availability of computer system resources, cognitive computing, that contributed to it, sophisticated learning levels and cognitive skills are required of to function effectively within it. Thus, raising the bar of critical need for sophisticated and highly skilled technical workers in the areas of artificial intelligence, robotics, advanced materials, 3D printing, quantum computing, Blockchain, 5G and other technologies.

So, the question – why tech jobs?

Innovation and advancement are being advocated by technical jobs that encourages staff to contemplate, imagine new things and design, craft brand-new opportunities and possibilities. In return, members of the organization get satisfaction due to the recognition and value of their work along with the tangible gains that accompanies it.

How will technology impact employment in the future?

With AI, ML, Big Data and Block Chain, automation is on the rise. In the very near future, prospective employers will select candidates who possess the below abilities:

  1. Continuous learning encompassing upskilling & reskilling
  2. Soft skills such as empathy, business acumen, emotional intelligence, intelligent communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and flexibility
  3. Propensity towards remote & hybrid work modes comfortably
  4. Crystal clear purpose

Corporations, in order to align workforce development not just of today but also of the near future with their business and organizational goals and priorities, are well aware of the fact that they also need to equip their human workforce with near futuristic skills such as critical thinking and analysis, emotional intelligence, leadership & social influence, complex problem-solving, analytical thinking and innovation, communication & storytelling, active learning and learning strategies etc.

YouTube, no doubt, is one of the great sources to learn but that does not really build one’s overall skillsets. To build a future-ready workforce, the role of corporate learning is key. Despite the fact that learners might enjoy learning, in the context of work, they must focus their learning in relevant areas of their current job as well as that of in the future. Hence in the new normal, e-learning priorities are shifting towards key market trends such as hyper personalized & immersive bite-sized content in the flow of work, role-based curation and subject matter journeys, curiosity-based informal learning for organization transformation, consumerization, increased focus on value realization, learn, access, practice & apply.

Beyond upskilling and reskilling the workforce, organizations, no doubt, will benefit to a great extent through cultivating the mindset and ability of adaptability by approaching learning and development from a T-shaped perspective. The T-shaped employee works to further extend the technical expertise / knowledge in a specific domain while broadening the horizontal stroke where soft skills, empathy, business acumen and emotional intelligence reside. The vertical stroke contributes to the creative process — engineering, design, product knowledge, while on the other hand the ability to solve problems, work together and communicate well arises from the horizonal stroke. 

The global software products market is expected to touch $1493.07 Billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 11% as per Businesswire report. According to Statista, by 2025, application development will reach $199.75 Billion and enterprise software will hit $326.29 Billion. This is an indication of where the software market is trending towards in the very near future.

This is where and how CorePeelers – a Multi-National Enterprise headquartered in Colorado, as a Business Consulting and Technology Solutions & Services organization, servicing some of the Top Global Brands from Banking, Food & Beverage, Products & Insurance, and IT industries via its Business CorePeeling, Technology Solutions and Services, Managed Services and Staffing Solutions and upcoming ‘Space Technologies’ vertical can bring value to the fore – both for client organizations as well as IT professionals in many facets.


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