Guiding and Growing a Business “From the Inside Out”

Ballard Pritchett, the President of Corepeelers USA, Inc talks extensively about guiding and growing a business from within. Ballard Pritchett is an adviser serving many corporate and charitable boards of directors, and this article speaks on how he engaged himself in the operations of a manufacturing company that sold into the USA automotive supply chain as a third-tier supplier. He discusses extensively through this case study and draws a parallel to the similarities of operations in almost all industries and how Corepeelers works on existing opportunities that come from the world, adding a competitive advantage to the business from within. Helping businesses to grow in value and thrive in organizational life, Corepeelers believes that the future ability of a business depends on creating significant value for its customers while capturing a sustainable share of the created value along with addressing new opportunities as they emerge. Read on to know more.